Nurses are in the business of saving lives. We're in the business of showcasing their stories - and the stories of the colleges that created them. Amid hundreds of degree programs competing for the top students, researchers, and faculty, how will yours stand out? We focus on your strengths and bring to life the unique aspects that make your institution special.


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AACN TV specializes in working with individual departments of universities to create high-impact video content that helps them meet their strategic goals. AACN TV will guide you through the collaborative process of telling your programs' stories through film. As a full-service production studio, we're with you every step of the way - from planning discussions to our campus visit through to the very end of the editing process. Your input is welcomed at each stage as we bring to life the amazing research, education and clinical practice being done at your institution.


Broadcast and Distribution of




  • Each individual school and college of nursing film will be shown on their respective pages on NursingCAS for participating schools, and/or the Member Program Directory for non-participating schools- accessible via

  • The films will be broadcast at AACN upcoming Conferences during 2016, whenever possible. Also being shown on the in-house channel of selected hotels, including the Fairmont Hotel.

  • The films will be viewable on the AACN YouTube Channel.

  • Schools and Colleges of Nursing may use the films for their own promotional and marketing purposes, including all of the b-roll footage filmed at their campuses.

  • The American Association of Colleges of Nursing will help promote the films with announcements via their social media channels and newsletters, including AACN News Watch, Graduate Nursing Student Academy (GNSA) Bulletin, Washington Weekly, Syllabus, Faculty Link, and the Journal of Professional Nursing. 

A Great Video Tells a Great Story 

Competition for top students and faculty is stronger than ever. What better way to bring them into your programs than through the power of video. We draw upon our expertise in creating the most compelling narrative films for academic institutions.


The benefits of our films include:

Conveniently showing prospective faculty your program highlights, special projects, and research themes


Recruiting excellent students through a video-led website and by showing your film at college fairs


Expansion of academic and industry partnerships with collaborators by providing a quick way to learn about

your achievements and goals


Making accreditation visits easier by showing officials a capsule of what you do


Keeping donors engaged by truly letting them see what their funds support


Raising your profile nationally as we broadcast your film at the AACN's conferences and through its

social media channels


Keeping alumni informed about your programs by distributing the video through newsletters

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